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  1. Hi, 

    as an entrepreneur SM I can understand the reasons evernote.com is reluctant to implement the pdf-option.

    But being a Premium User for some years now, having paid quiet a lot, it's annoying not to have an in-app pdf-option.

    Unlike You I am still thinking to move to onenote.

    Remark: my eldest son, an electronic engineer, moved from OSX to WIN 10 and dislikes Evernote for security reasons (Evernote servers are placed in the US; we live in Europe and haven't any confidence to the NSA). With Onenote + Boxcryptor encryption there would be a secure exchange between us.

    So I would like to ask you why you moved from Onenote to Evernote ?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer

    Dr. Werner Ende 

    ℅ W. Bockel 

    Kirchberger Ring 2 

    D-83435 Bad Reichenhall • Germany



    PS: about risks of shared, external servers










  2. I am with EN-PREMIUM for about 3 years (before I worked with DevonThingsPro) and now I was just thinking about to change from an EN notebook oriented system to an EN tag version (TSW), because over the years with a growing number of notes (now > 20,000) searching notes took more and more time. The response-time definitely became to long. The title of this discussion and even more the remarks from JMichaelTX do not make me happy too. Before investing in a 3rd DataRetrievingSystem I think I will wait for some time to see what will happen with EN first in relation to its DBMS system and second its integrationadaption of IQTELL and releated apps and PIMs. Hope to hear some good news from the new CEO and his crew.
  3. It is now about 3 years since I left DevonThings Pro and used Evernote Premium. There are a lot of items I think that are better in Evernote than in DevonThings, first of all assembling notes and retrieving them regardless how many Evernote or osx updates there were in the mean time. But there is still one thing that is realy annoying: Evernote is still very, very slow in finding notes. Ok tagging makes it a bit faster, but that improvement is not very impressing, and tagging takes time, much time! Guru noticed, that stripping the texts with some scripts and leaving the pdfs outside would make things better. I don't think that's the great hit with > 13,000 notes distributed in 23 notebooks I have already collected in Evernote. For some days now I am experiencing with Diigo. Seems to be very fast and shows a fine ability to mark texts and images on the fly. I am using them both and hope to find a synthesis that's up to my standards. I' d like to hear from you very experienced users and Gurus where you arrived now in the year 2016. Yours sincerely Werner L. Ende 2016-05-14 22.57.07 MET I am sorry if there are errors in my english texts. Please consider: English is my secondary language and German is my first language.
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