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  1. I had exactly that response. Evernote doesn't implement the freeform cropping that Scannable has. If the scanned document isn't perfectly cropped/skew-corrected then you can only crop orthogonally. I replied to them with this. They just said that it's not high priority to fix.
  2. I do have ScannerPro, but it has just never felt as quick or easy to use. It does a lot more, granted, but I’ve just grown to love Scannable for the convenience that it offers in doing extremely well the one job I want from it. I guess if there’s no chance of Scannable being fixed then I’ll have to revert to ScannerPro. A shame, but I understand software doesn’t live forever.
  3. I was about to ask how, since the support ticket mechanism in Scannable also seems broken, but I’ve just submitted one through EN so we’ll see how that goes. As a long time user of Evernote, my question to other users still stands: do the ‘broken windows’ ring alarm bells for you? Are any of you looking to move your notebooks elsewhere and if so, how are you planning to do it?
  4. There seem to be a lot of broken windows here… no more support ticket system on the main website, bugs going unfixed for months, and I have NO CLUE what's going on with my username 🤣 I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come. The Scannable app has never garnered much love but it always worked fine for my purposes (I've yet to find an alternative that does what I want) so I saw no reason for EN to mess with it. The zoom bubble breaks one of the key features that I've yet to find elsewhere though - the ability to crop and perspective-shift images that I have had to scan at an angle. The scanning feature built into the Evernote app itself doesn't even support this, so it's not like there's a workaround/alternative. Is this it for Evernote? Given that 50% of the value I get from Evernote is its ability to store away arbitrary scans of important documents, is this the incentive for me to start looking elsewhere? If so, I'd welcome suggestions (both for suitable alternatives AND for a way to export all of my notes to another service with minimal effort!) Thanks.
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