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  1. I use scansnap to scan all of my monthly bills into evernote. It would be really cool if I could set it up so when it see a particlular thing on the scanned & OCR'ed PDF, such as credit card account number, it would automaitcally drop it into the right notebook. Currently, everthing is scanned into the NOTES folder, then I drag them each into the approriate notebook. Maybe this is already a feature....
  2. I have document that shows it is located in a specific notebook. It shows the notebook name up next to the click to add tag icon. I can click the notebook name, but it is most likley a sub-notebook. I looked thru my entire list & cant find it. Is there a way to jump to that notebook from that link? Thanks
  3. Thanks for recommendation David. Does scansnap use its own software? The best part about scandrop was that it did require me to scan to my hard drive then upload to evernote. I could save to hd if I wanted but I could also chose to send directly to the cloud storage. Is that how scansnap works?
  4. The fine folks at office drop did something to my account to make it start working again, but then last week it would no longer sign in. I just tried their service that they now offer . You scan to them then they send it to evernote. It worked but its kind of redundant. If there are no other option I suppose Ill try the doxie scanner but I hate to spend another $200 for a new scanner
  5. I have been using scandrop to scan directly into Evernote without saving an additional copy of the PDF on my pc. It was super simple to use. I went to run it today & it no longer loads on my pc. It says it has timed out or something like that & never opens. I searched around & it seems they may have discontinued the windows version & only offers mac version now. Any other similar option to scan into evernote using my neat scanner? Jason
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