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  1. Thanks JMichael. I just figure out how to do that. I never knew that was possible before!
  2. JMichael, your link shows exactly the same hotkeys that I am talking about. Did you mean to point to something different?
  3. Awesome BurgersNFries, I wasn't familiar with that feature. Thanks! Two thumbs up!
  4. BurgersNFries, thanks for the SnagIt tip. You are right, I don't need to save it to the desktop first. Very helpful! As for the built-in EN screen capture tool, I guess I'm not familiar with it. Are you referring to web clipper? I can't use the web clipper to capture, say, a fraction of a picture. If you are referring to something besides the web clipper, then how do you activate this so-called "EN screen capture tool"? Thanks... JMichael... My version of SnagIt has only 3 hotkeys available: 1. Global Capture 2. Hide/Unhide 3. Repeat last capture If I choose Global Capture, it starts recording a video within the coordinates I specify. I'm not interested in a video capture. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  5. Thanks JMichael and MegSaint. Your tip works great for the typical webpage picture (I guess I wasn't specific enough). More specifically, I'd like to sometimes grab a picture that is embedded in an ad (such as a Flash ad), or perhaps just a fraction of a picture. I've used SnagIt for years as my "snippet-caturing tool", but it takes too many steps (in my opinion) to get that picture into Evernote: 1. Open SnagIt 2. Select "Region" to capture a region of my screen 3. Select the square region of my screen that I want to capture. 4. Save the picture to my hard drive (usually my desktop) 5. Close SnagIt 6. Drag-and-drop the picture from my desktop to Evernote 7. Go back to my desktop and delete the picture. 8. Go back to Evernote. It's just too many steps! lol. I was hoping Evernote might have created some new tool by now that I wasn't aware of yet, or maybe someone else had a trick up their sleeve...? Thanks for all the replies here. I'm hoping a few more will come!! (???)
  6. Let's say I'm typing a note manually in Evernote. It's a new note, and I'm typing away, maybe a paragraph or two. Then I see a picture on some webpage, it's a small picture, perhaps 100 pixels by 100 pixels, and I want to take that picture from that webpage and insert it at the bottom of the note that I am typing. What is the fastest way to do this? Thanks, Chris1984
  7. Yes, I saw that site. I guess I was looking for a side-by-side comparison of Basic to Premium (in a table format). But I guess that doesn't exist? Your links show me just five advantages to Premium: 1. Offline notebooks for mobile devices 2. You can let your friends edit your notes 3. Added layer of security on mobile devices 4. 1GB upload capacity per month, 100MB max note size. 5. Search inside PDFs and attachments, and try out the new "Related Notes" link/feature. I'm not a mobile user at this time, so my advantages of going Premium are limited to #2, #4, and #5. I'm curious if this list is all-inclusive, or are there other advantages to Premium? Thanks again.
  8. Where is the best link (website) where I can compare the benefits of Evernote Premium over Evernote Basic? I thought there would be a simple link on your homepage, but I can't find it. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Burger. All of my notes and notebooks are sync'ed, so I am looking forward to an easy restore operation next week. Thanks again! Chris1984
  10. Just curious if anybody can tell me the procedure for re-downloading all my Evernote notes back onto my computer (so that I have a local copy) after I reinstall Windows, which I will be doing next week. Thanks. Chris1984
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