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  1. Who tested alternatives? How did they perform on this problem and other Evernote functionalities? Please provide some feedback on your use (number of devices, operational systems, how long and how many notes you usually edit and search, how frequently you use it). I will start to test alternatives. I use an android phone, an android tablet, an iPad mini, and a Linux computer. In the Linux computer I use Evernote though Crome and chromium, and plan to also use I through bash. I had 10k notes, but many of them were clippings, that I now use pocket. So the notes now are more text files. I have pretty large files holding diaries, like medical conditions on patients, and things like that. Every week I insert some text and search on it every month. Evernote is no good on that, so, from time to time I had to number the note and have a new clean note. That is because whenever I edit the note on android and iPad, it gets messed up. So I what a note application that can work fine on both platforms. Or at least do search on android, and be edited well on iPad. (I do not edit on android any more, because I already know the bug). Did any one here tested alternatives recently? How is your use?
  2. Because evernote app for android lacks this basic funxtionality, I have gone on Google store and rated it one star (the minimum from one to five) and explained why. Now I ask you all to do the same.
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