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  1. I believe i've found a way to correct this....If you login to evernote on the web it seems to act as a master account to all your other devices/applications. If you are no longer synced to a notebook on your windows desktop app or android app but it still appears in your notebook list, then try to login online and it should recognize those notebooks not being available and delete them from the rest of your apps.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm just wondering if there is anyway to delete shared notebooks that are no longer synced/active on an android device? My girlfriend and I shared notebooks for synchronized shopping lists, vacation ideas etc...however both being free users we found that one user couldn't edit any of the notes. Long story short we ended up unsyncing and reinviting to new notebooks until we figured out you had to be a premium user to have editable shared notebooks. I've got a list of about 5 shared notebooks i can't do anything with that only appear on my android device. On Windows these shared notebooks don't appear. Anybody have any ideas how to get rid of them? It's not the end of the world, just rather annoying. Cheers,
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