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    If you're not a business user and aren't using the beta, why would you comment on the Beta testers forum? I thought this was the place to forward our concerns for using the new Beta. After using Evernote Premium for Business the last six years in our schools, I'm looking forward to implementing new features in collaborating with other teachers and student. This "Spaces" feature just needs to live up to it's potential. On a side note - Deleting Spaces within the directory also needs to be added. As I've added a space for testing and now can't delete it, only "leave" it. Its still listed within the "Spaces Directory".
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    I currently use my tags for years and terms, but not sure using tags translates to the new Spaces. Otherwise I wouldn't have a good use for the Spaces design without this format. Using it the way you propose wouldn't streamline the view in any way.
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