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  1. Unfortunately no. I have write to Evernote and Any.Do via twitter and i got no reply yet. But while looking for answers I was contacted by IQTell.com and they are working on service/platform to control emails accounts, Evernote, calendars and more on the principles of GTD. I just star using it and I can say it is not what I was expecting. It is more like a replacement to ms outlook, but you could try it. Other possible solution I could be using other app intead of Any.Do, I don't want to as it is really great. Any way here are two options I found for the iOS, I am not sure if they are available for Android. https://itunes.apple.com/mx/app/done-to-do-list-for-evernote/id572697828?l=en&mt=8, the app is call Done and according to the description it does what we are looking for Any.Do to do. https://itunes.apple.com/mx/app/any-to-do-for-ipad-evernote/id445143013?l=en&mt=8, Any to Do in the other hand sync with Evernote but uses a different productivity metod, not sure what it is call. This is all I found in the days since I join the group, have you found other solutions? Or are we doom to make our own script to accomplish the Any.Do-Evernote Sync? Because if it's the case I going to need to learnt to do that.
  2. I'm looking exactly for a solution to the same issue. I have been using David Allen's GTD and configure Evernote to fit it, but it lacks the reminder feature. I trust there is some script or something to do this.
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