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  1. HI Chris, thanks for the insight, what you said is exactly where I would begin: a centralize location where the team leaders would have access to meetings, event contacts, etc. I think keeping it at this level, at least for a v.1 would meet many of the needs. Since you are a business user of Evernote, is there a limit as to the number of users who could have access? is there version tracking (meaning audit trail of who has made changes or contributions to the content in Evernote? thanks to both
  2. Hi, I've been elected to be the knowledge management manager for a small professional organization in NYC. OUr main objective is to connect young professionals with common interests and goals. The organization has been in existence for over 4 years, we've made great contacts, and have held several events. the drawback is lacking a centralize place to store all this information, make it accessible to our executive team, but with the long-term plans of allowing other members to participate. now that we are done with the background information, I'm curious to know if anyone has used Evernote as a knowledge management system?
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