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  1. I realise this is only a get around and not a fix but I do find the use of Ctrl Space (usually used to strip text formatting) does wonders in fixing Evernote's unexpected bullet behaviour. Hope that helps.
  2. To add to this: you need to click on the search bar to display the saved searches, then you can drag that search to the left panel. That's where Saved Searches went! I've been looking for them for the last hour. Thanks FactMan (:
  3. +1 on that. 2 suggestions to help: Lindend - you can enter the search term remindertime: - this will pull up only notes with reminders. It is not perfect as you cannot see the reminder time for all items in the list. Evernote - it would be helpful if you could include the reminder date/time as a column within the List View
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