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  1. Latest update 8.9.1 dated 10th May seems to have sorted out the Search problem. Installed and testing without any issues, yet.
  2. The choice to downgrade or not is totally up to you. I wish EN did not release this defective version but these things happen however much we dislike it. Personally, for me, the missing functionality was too much as I use the search function daily. I took the pragmatic way forward - downgrade, notified EN on the defect and wait for a next release. The more people that notify EN, the more likely it will be fixed sooner.
  3. Yes, you can downgrade. First you need deinstall v 8.9 and then install 8.8.1. I found 8.8.1 here: https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/download-old/evernote-8-8-1-1082393/ Once installed, remember to turn off auto update from Google Play store otherwise it will be updated again with 8.9.
  4. Same problem - unable to search for any item. Automatically updated from Google Play on two Android devices (Oneplus and Lenovo tablet). Both are on EN version 8.9(1082873). Prior to update, searching on both devices was working fine. Reported problem to EN support and sent them log files. To make the situation worse, I am unable to access EN from an Android browser - message "Sorry, Evernote Web is not supported on Android browsers". So in essence, current EN on Android is not usable at all for anything but data entry.
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