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  1. Hi! I love using the Evernote products, they're used by me every day! There is only one thing however... I wish you could easily share your notes to Google+ (Plus), i use G+ every day and I love to share my notes with friends, colleagues and family. It's such a pain to manually have to copy the URL and then share it on Google+ every time and would love to have this like it is with Facebook and so on! Any chance you could implement such a feature in the near future? Thank you for making a super useful set of tools! =)
  2. I would love to share my notes to Google+ (Plus)! Today G+ has grown to a very capable platform and even if Google is now competing with Evernote with their "Keep" they're not even coming close to the smartness and usability of the Evernote products. Take "Food" for instance, how bloody awesome isn't that? I love to eat, and I love to share my experiences with people, Food is spot on for me! Now, since I am a very active Google+ user I'd love to be able to share my Food notes just as easily as I can with Facebook and so on! Please, I need this NOW! Lol!
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