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  1. I also can name many gmail add ons that work with only a 24 hr hiccup when Google makes a change. Evernote apparently can't handle it. They should be able to adapt quickly or drop the feature. As mother said if you can't stand the heat get the hell out of the way.
  2. Someone gunning for evernote groupie of the year? I run a business I expect my products to work and any software company I work with acknowledges bugs so not sure why the fanboy statements for something that should be done in first place. Bottom line this should work and stay fixed and there is a management or talent issue with this portion of the product. Also your solution for snap shot is off base. Snap shot context are not searchable thus the point of clipper.
  3. Get REAL .. "Christopher Zenner" . It's a business tool and it's expected to work. If one gets in the habit of saving emails to Evernote and you don't realize its not working suddenly you've lost many important emails you need to follow up on costly you thousands. Evernote is good true but buggy as hell AND no where close to sliced- bread level.
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