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  1. Hi Kraig, Thanks for the bug report - we'll check that out. Can you please confirm that you're using iOS 9 public beta 3 (aka developer beta 5)? Also - have you noticed this issue in any other app or after restarting your device? Thanks! Chuck iOS 9 Public Beta 3 I restarted the app and the device. Then anything using the camera app went black, so I restarted the Camera app then Evernote. Now it's working again. Same combo of software on my iPad 2 works fine.
  2. Found an issue: Only front camera available in Evernote and Scannable for iOS. Can't seem to switch to rear camera at all, which makes scanning practically unusable. In camera view, the camera switch (front/back) icon is not present in top-left corner, nor is the camera mode (picture/scan) icon in the top right. device model: iPhone 5S wifi/cellular connectivity: on wifi, no problems connecting otherwise iOS 9 Beta version: 3 Evernote app version: 7.7.10
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