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  1. Where is the tree view? With 7,165 notes and 100+ notebooks, this new child-friendly iteration blows chunks.
  2. I am a Premium User and when I go to that location there is simply a list of the things I can do. None of them are links. Screenshots from iOS app below (hosted at Dropbox) https://www.dropbox.com/s/se3llbpgw6nrvy2/2015-07-14%2016.56.50.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqv03bq95nw8kkb/2015-07-14%2016.56.42.png?dl=0
  3. I've been using the IOS app for quite a while and periodically do a full download of all notebooks to my iPhone. I just tried to do this today and I simply cannot find where to do this. I've found the section in Notebooks under Edit where I can select an individual notebook to download but nothing for either (a) download all or ( an easy listing where I can select notebooks to download. Going to each Notebooks individual settings to tell it to download is going to be a bit of a pain with 107 notebooks to choose from. Am I missing something obvious or is this a feature which has been removed? [Aside ] Reading the current comments here about the issues others have been experiencing makes me wonder where Evernote is going. Into the ground might, sadly, be the answer. I'm getting fed up with constant crashes in Scannable and with the camera generally too but I can live with that. Not having my notes available when I'm 40,000 feet up in a plane is a show-stopper
  4. Keyword is beta. Your feedback and suggestions are helpful for working out kinks! ^^^ Understood re "Beta" but sometimes poor UI design gets enforced and people leave. Let that not happen with Evernote.
  5. I don't care for the new UI at all. I have ~5,000 notes in multiple stacks and notebooks and the new UI just doesn't make scanning these easy at all. If you have to do this (and I would rather you didn't) can you keep the old UI as an option for Premium users please? I know where everything should be, I hardly Tag at all so filtering by tags for my notes is next to useless. I do like to skim the notes from time to time.
  6. Evernote is hardly a walled garden in this respect, but this change does make it harder to get RSS content into Evernote. Nevertheless, there are ways to do this. Personally, I use a combination of Feedly and IFTTT to send links to starred articles into Evernote, and from there I can do the actual reading, and choose to clip. I believe that the Zapier service has RSS feed => Evernote support as well. No - the issue the OP is having is the same as mine. Once information is inside the Evernote "walled garden" is it IMPOSSIBLE to share it again. Sure, I can download and remove it but share it? Naaahh. Not a chance. Tell me, how do I share information held in Evernote notebooks?
  7. I understand how big corporations work - they confuse "customers" with "users" and get arrogant. It's the way of it, sadly. As to Evernote - one of my biggest gripes is that they just killed it. No notice. Loads of (very helpful) admins scrambling to cover the initial outpouring of dismay. I was readying 15 notebooks for sharing. Notebooks I had spent a long time collating and Notebooks I was looking forward to sharing on my blog. With the internet firmly in the "social" paradigm, it seemed crazy beyond words for Evernote to slice their ONLY piece of "social" functionality off at the knees. I can picture the meeting "Hey Google just killed Reader!" "Oh cool - we can kill our RSS reader too"! "When do you want to do it? How much notice shall we give? A couple of months? Like Google?" "Naaah.. Stuff 'em. Kill it now." I'd even consider paying MORE for it to be reinstated. A Premium Premium Service....
  8. Actually, I don't think they are listening to us. We've had one post from an EN employee "RSS is over, bite me" and one from a Drive-By poster who clearly has NOT THE SIMPLEST CLUE about RSS. "Use an email, it's the same"... Sorry Evernote - I'm going to be dropping back to free account very soon. There's no point me collating all the information if I have no way of sharing it. I might as well use Delicious - which is what I used to do before EN. Last chance to make an announcement about RSS for Paid Accounts guys - I'm off...
  9. Call me old fashioned or call me thick but - either way - humour me and explain *exactly* how does a "Reminder Daily Digest" replace an RSS feed? I don't see why RSS feeds cannot be reinstated on paid accounts. As for RSS readers being phased out - hmmm, wherever did you get that idea? You obviously don't use RSS.... Google Reader, Flickr, Evernote - when will the stupid stop? Paul I'm guessing the OP was an Evernote staffer doing a drive-by posting? Clearly there is no comprehension (or desire) to listen to the users. Tap tap.. is this thing on? We are happy to PAY for this facility... It's called a "Buying Signal".
  10. Call me old fashioned or call me thick but - either way - humour me and explain *exactly* how does a "Reminder Daily Digest" replace an RSS feed? I don't see why RSS feeds cannot be reinstated on paid accounts. As for RSS readers being phased out - hmmm, wherever did you get that idea? You obviously don't use RSS.... Google Reader, Flickr, Evernote - when will the stupid stop? Paul
  11. I pay for Evernote. I don't pay for Google Here's an easy one. Reinstate RSS for paid accounts.
  12. Frankly, a "sorry" would be nice. A proper workaround would be better. Reinstating it would be best.
  13. The complete lack of commentary on this from Evernote themselves is quite telling. Getting too big to care about us the paying public? <<<crickets>>> Google can dump on us - it's a free service, they can do what they like. Sure it's annoying but hey, they ARE too big to care. I would have thought Evernote aren't. And they would do well to remember that a paid service can become an unused service.
  14. Just as I was about to take my use of Evernote up from "just me" to "care and share" I get a note to say "err, as of last night, no"... This is annoying. I have spent quite some time assembling the following notebooks with a view to having them shared and RSS was going to be my chosen route. Given I can't share them in any useful, automatically updating way, anymore - and thus share the usefulness of Evernote to a wider audience - I guess I should just take them private again?? Thanks Evernote. Destroying the usefulness of RSS just as well as Google. Photography - All Else - https://www.evernote...ondon/phallelsePhotography - Astronomy - https://www.evernote...don/phastronomyPhotography - Business - https://www.evernote...ndon/phbusinessPhotography - Canon Specific - https://www.evernote...phcanonspecificPhotography - Composition - https://www.evernote...n/phcompositionPhotography - Gear - https://www.evernote...kylondon/phgearPhotography - Landscapes - https://www.evernote...on/phlandscapesPhotography - Lightroom and Photoshop - https://www.evernote...oomandphotoshopPhotography - Photographers - https://www.evernote...phphotographersPhotography - Places I want to visit - https://www.evernote...cesiwanttovisitPhotography - Portraits - https://www.evernote...don/phportraitsPhotography - Technique - ttps://www.evernote...don/phtechnique
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