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  1. Thanks Chris, I think I may have figured a way to do what I want, but won't know until I can set it up & give it a try unless someone out there can let me know if I'm on the right track. FileCenter doesn't store docs in a proprietary database, but can point to existing folders on my hard drive. Some (but not all) of those folders and/or the documents therein I'll want to access on my mobile device via EN. I just learned that you can set up multiple "automatically import to EN" folders. That being the case, I should be able to have EN automatically draw from certain folders on my hard drive giving me mobile access yet keeping the files local and managed by FileCenter. If i'm understanding the "automatic" folder concept correctly, I think this will do exactly what I want. Any thoughts? Thanks! Marty
  2. Hello! I am new to the Evernote forums as well as a brand new user of both EN and FileCenter. My goal is to completely digitize my personal and small business lives. For the way I like to do things, I think that if EN had nested stacks I would use it exclusively for my needs. Since it doesn't (currently) and I'm not wanting to try to replicate that feature using tags, I've decided to use FileCenter in conjunction with EN. Most of the documents I'll be dealing with can remain on my Windows local hard drive, but some I would like to have mobile access on my iPhone and iPad. I think what I'm hoping for some advice on would be how to have full access to all my information through FileCenter but have "some" of that information also available through EN for mobile access. I should also mention that I'm not interested in an expensive Cloud solution for access to ALL my data and that I've used DropBox before but really don't care for it. I really like Evernote, but just need help integrating EN with my usage of FileCenter. Can anyone offer some advice? Thank you! Marty
  3. I'd like to add my voice in support of a "nested" stacks feature. That would definitely move EN up greatly in usefulness.
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