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  1. Well, came back to the office the day after, changed nothing whatsoever aside of one more reboot, and Evernote was able to connect successfully... I wish I had a solution to the "how" and a reason to the "why", but it's as much a mystery to you than to me, at the exception that's it's now working for me.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys, glad to know it's not only me. I'll take a wild leap here, but I think the problem is only affecting 64 bit version of Windows 8? I did forgot to mention it, but my version of Windows 8 Enterprise is of course 64 bit too.
  3. Hello to the Evernote team and users, I just installed Windows 8 Enterprise for testing purposes at my company and it seems like Evernote just refuses to launch whichever way I do. Internet works, I connect through IE and Chrome with no problem whatsoever, I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting several times. Even tried the previous version of Evernote (7670) to no avail, always the exact same problem for the desktop app. When clicking the shortcut, Evernote brings a popup saying: Thanks, but yeah, I have the web version of Evernote opened right behind that and am posting on forums, so my internet connection is fine. Quit just closes it all and Try Again brings back the same message ad nauseam. I also tried the Metro app to see if any difference, but it just remains stuck on the loading screen (the Evernote logo with the circular loading motion of Windows 8). It won't budge from that. I've searched a bit online, and even on this forum, apparently I'm not the only one to have experienced this but it doesn't seem like a widespread issue either. Any advice would be much welcome. Thanks you in advance.
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