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  1. Feedback regarding Evernote 7 on ios. The update looks nice with a cleaner, more useful UI. I would like to request two things. 1. Remove the "What's new" section. This is a waste of space. It's also very tacky - it's the kind of thing that normally happens to software when it's in serious decline. Just before the walls finally come down the marketing department gets control. 2. Update Evernote for mac to be cleaner and more functional (right now I'm using shortcuts as a substitute for a functional folder system) Thanks, Andy
  2. I used to love evernote and told lots of people about it. I really dislike the update, I can't believe I'm looking around for alternatives after loving evernote so much. Problems with mac version (for me): 1. Double click to open notebooks. This should really not be necessary. The whole interface feels clunkier and slower with more steps necessary to do simple things. 2. Visually overdone (uselessly so) - notebook view is awful and the other view (strange list view) wastes a lot of space and is not spatially consistent. With 'list view' why is everything greyed out? This is a long established UI metaphor for 'unavailable.' Surely stacks could use all of the screenspace available - either arrange horizontally or vertically to use the whole screen rather than jamming everything into one corner. Honestly, I wondered if it had been done in this way to show off the cool animation that evernote uses when rearranging stacks. 3. What should be the back button is actually "all notes" - who browses all notes anyway? 4. If you do a search and then delete the search term by tapping delete, the next thing selected after the search term is a note. So I have accidentally deleted quite a few notes. Worse than this, I didn't even realise until later. Problems with ipod version: 1. Waste of space - surely 90% of uses are accessing notes by either searching all notes or going through the tree. Those 2 options are less than 10% of the screenspace and in fact, 'search all notes' can require clicking on 'all notes' and then pulling down to make the (previously invisible) search bar appear. 2. Fiddly UI - About half of the time that I try to pull down that little side thing to get out of a notebook I pull down ios notifications instead 3. Dodgy UI metaphors. File separators are a particularly bad metaphor for the opening screen of evernote. What are being offered are different ways of searching/browsing the same information. The file separators suggest that information has been separated into discreet sections. 4. Prominence of 'all notes' - Again, who browses all notes? Surely this should be search. Also prominence of "Premium features", "tags" (can't these be accessed through search?), Account user name I really get the feeling that this update was designed to be beautiful. Sadly most of the changes look to me like useless decoration, clutter and/or cutesy nonsense. Please, please let form follow function. It's obvious a lot of work is going into this app I just think it's moving in the wrong direction - away from speed and simplicity.
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