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  1. Jack and the rest of the Evernote team, Thank you for the quick work on giving "Horizontal List" back as the "Top List". I am downloading it so I haven't gotten a chance to try it out, but I'm sure there won't be quite as many posts on this thread as there were on the other one that requested it back so I wanted to make sure you all knew that for all of us posting and those that likely won't post now that you have given us back the feature, all of us appreciate it. Looking forward to trying the update.
  2. Thanks for your explanations. I, as many have mentioned an am Evernote Premium user and only come to the forums when something like *this* happens. The software I'm using sudden doesn't work the way that I've loved it forever. I was ecstatic about the reminders feature because I was actually getting ready to try and build a service that would email me reminders based on tags. Now it's built into the software, however I can't express how disappointed I was in the loss of the horizontal view. My workflow: I store EVERYTHING in Evernote, however one of my primary uses is my task management is done through Evernote. I have many saved searches in my sidebar that allows me to get different views of various data sets. In the list view, I view titles, many times rather long ones regarding an action that needs to be taken. I then use a set of MANY tags. I sometimes sort by Updated time but most the time I sort by Tags. I'll also want to see various in-depth information by clicking on one of my items. By adjusting the tags, titles and checkboxes I'm able to manage everything I do and it jumps notes into the various saved searches. I generally have the Evernote window using about half of my monitor as I'm also using web browsers or programming at the same time and using Evernote for references of what to do, etc. What used to be a rather compact window is now very wide taking up almost my whole screen. Here's an example of the new view. And this is the bare minimum useable state in list view.
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