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  1. The Clipper seems to be working here, and the Evernote desktop app crashes seemed to be fixed too. Is that right - would the changes affect that too?
  2. As I mentioned above, I set the Clipper to save to the Mac application, but the app is now crashing basically every time I use it. Something is definitely way wrong.
  3. Okay, I uninstalled the Web Clipper and re-installed it. No improvement. I tried setting preferences so the clipped web page went to the Evernote Mac app instead of my Evernote web archive, and then I could clip pages, but the Evernote application crashed left and right. So I uninstalled the Evernote app and re-installed it - no improvement. I would really like to use the Clipper. but it just isn't working for me. In fact, now even Evernote is not working for me. I know a lot of folks like Evernote, but it is just a disaster here.
  4. I just iinstalled Web Clipper for Firefox Mac. I managed to clip one page yesterday, but today when I try, all I see is a box with "Loading..." and a whirling progress indicator that never stops. When I click anywhere, the box goes away. When I hover over the Web Clipper icon, it shows "Uploading unsaved clips". I guess the next step is re-installing, but if anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful.
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