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  1. It looks like choosing the selection and clipping is now working for me...will keep an eye on it just to be sure. Thanks!
  2. Went to save an article and noticed the web clipper has changed on Firefox. There is no more clipping a selection option?
  3. It is now working again...thanks for whatever fixes the team is doing! Realize now how often I use this on a daily basis.
  4. See my previous note with details. All URLs and no other extensions. Thanks!
  5. Done all of the options. It worked for a day and then quit again. Any news from support about the issue? Thanks
  6. Forgot..I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.8, Firefox 18.0.1 and Clipper 5.4.1....haven't tried it on Mountain Lion machine lately
  7. Thanks for the fix! Cleared the cache and I'm back in business...appreciate the quick follow-up.
  8. Same here..died Fri or Sat on Mac with Firefox 18.0.1 and 5.4.1 web clipper. Tried reinstalling web clipper, clearing cache etc...no luck
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