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  1. Although Evernote currently offers rich formatting options for text notes, there is no way to mark text regions as headings, subheadings, content, quotes, etc. I understand that most users probably format text by selecting text areas and fiddling with every little detail to demarcate content, but this is akin to banging rocks in a cave. It requires the user to: Come up with their own formatting convention (font size, style, colour, and other stylistic attributes) and memorize this Go through 3 or 4 steps just to format one line of text as a heading - click "font family", select, click "size", select, etc. Repeat step 2 for every stylized element in the document when editing a note originally composed on a smartphone, since there is no way to select font family, size, and the like on smartphones Given how onerous this is, some users don't bother with rich formatting at all and just use Markdown for all their notes. Of course, Evernote can't parse Markdown, so reading notes harkens back to reading on a monochrome 1974 teletype. I'm sure hipsters love this. LaTeX within Evernote would be nice. But you know what would be 100x better? Implementing text markup. If I could select a text region and mark it as a "heading", with all style info associated with the "heading" section applied automatically, I'd be one happy penguin. Make it a premium feature if you wish. I'll gladly pay for that.
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