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  1. I may be dating myself a bit but I'm an Emacs user. The keybindings are fairly common in Linux (or at least configurable in Gnome to use "Emacs") and most of Mac OSX for editing without the arrow keys. Basically if you are in a text box/edit area/field CTRL-F, CTRL-B, CTRL-N, CTRL-P move forward, back, next line, previous line respectively. The irony is that for the Evernote web interface CTRL-B is overridden as Bold so I keep trying but failing to go back a character. Of course I had to figure that out by trial and error. While I'm not asking for Evernote to make my specific case easier since I'm sure I'm in the bottom 1% I would at least like to echo the comments about: 1) display help on the shortcuts; 2) possibly allow them to be configured/disabled. The real irony, of course, is that those shortcuts (i.e. emacs) work just fine in the Mac OS X app since that OS uses the keybindings in all its text elements.
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