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  1. I submitted a support ticket. I am not a premium subscriber, so they will get to it "as time permits, within the order your request was received". I'll post back once I hear from them. Should be interesting to see how their time is permitting... =) Glad my main machine is a mac, which is still working just fine.
  2. Using the clipper didn't work for me. Might be because it is a fresh install, so it hasn't ever synced, but it still says it can't connect to the Internet.
  3. I am having the same problem on Win8 64-bit. Neither windows 8 Evernote application is working - the Metro-style one just does the loading animation forever, and the desktop app gives the "Could not connect to server" error. I installed the desktop app fresh today, but the metro-style app was installed and working earlier in the month. Evernote client on Mac works fine over same network, as does NixNote on my linux machines and Evernote iOS client. So, doesn't appear to be a network problem. I saw something somewhere that suggested it might be related to IE thinking it is offline - my IE is not in offline mode.
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