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  1. I try to use Evernote to take notes when reading/studying books or tutorials or to remind me how I solved a certain programming problem. So I am working a lot directly in the note editor. I have to say it is one of the weakest editors I ever tried. It's like it cannot really decide if its a word processor or a plain text editor and fails at both. How about an option that displays a ruler below the toolbar? Keyboard shortcuts for toolbar button functions are neither displayed in a tooltip nor are there corresponding menu items where I could see these shortcuts. If the goal is to be a word processor it should support custom tabs (set in the ruler). TAB on the first column should indent (rather than inserting a tab character). If it's a text editor it should handle tab characters better. (Pos1 key should alternate between going to the first column and the first non-white-space character. Enter should insert the same amount of tabs on the next line to start at the same indentation.) There are many, many more issues. Frequently I just stop using Evernote after a while because it gets too painful to work in the editor. It's really too bad, because the idea to have everything synchronized and searchable is very, very nice. Maybe I just have too high expectation from using either UltraEdit or IntelliJ IDEA for plain text editing alot (with such advanced features like column based selection, optional word wrapping that respects leading tab indentation, customizable shortcuts, ...)
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