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  1. What is the legacy software, where do I find it, and how do I install it? Do I uninstall what I have?
  2. I have been checking Task Manager too often for this problem. I often find that another Evernote update is required. And then it runs fine until the next update ... which then stops Evernote from retrieving the contents of notes. The updates are happening several times a month and add uncontrollable delays to getting work done on time. I'm thinking of moving out of Evernote. This has been going on for several months.
  3. Uninstalled and re - downloaded and re installed again all through windows programs window this time 10.4 version for windows and now it works btw, the app installs itseunders local app data, not program files. Peculair. but it works. Is not a we b app, it seems.
  4. After a recent update, I could no longer view contents of any note. Just title. I had an Evernote Plus subscription. I have had a subscription since 2011. I began searching for Support. Prospects were poor. I had this forum or nothing. If I upgraded, I would get actual Customer support. I was in need of help, immediately, with little time to waste. So I chose to upgrade to Evernote Premium. As soon as I do, I learn that Customer Support is backlogged by days or worse. So I thought , what can I do, before getting in the Queue for Support? Well there is the usual zero one , thing. Shut down and restart. Check that the installation is up to date. Look at the activity log for hints. I did all the above, and no fix. Last resort, I uninstalled and reinstalled. I read all the directions from Evernote and proceeded. And yes, I did shut down and reboot before re installing. When I loaded evernote again, it looked awkward, unfamiliar. As I moved around, somewhere I get the notice that I am using "Evernote WEB". So it seems without my choosing, I have been moved to a "web application", which means I can't do anything without an internet connection. BAD! For about half the year, I live where I must pay by the GB for internet service, and the service is not easily accessible or reliable. So I don't want access to Evernote requiring a fast and reliable itnernet service with unlimited usage. I already had issues with some of its slowness, and noticed that in spite of having a Windows 10 machine, the app was 32 bit, or at least installed like a 32 bit. If ever the 64 bit version would be useful, it would be here. So why don't I get the option of using the leverage of 64 bit? Now I must rely on internet speed. And all this follows my upgrading to Premium, only to learn I have virtually no support. Pretty darn frustrating. I had a lot of work to do over this Thanksgiving Holiday to use Evernote, but now I am just hosed. Pretty frustrated. Anyone know how I can get out of having Evernote Web?
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