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  1. Agreed. Why was this removed? They now offer "⇧ ⌘ C" to insert a checklist (which cannot be combined with a bulleted or numbered list any more, unfortunately). I discovered that if you type "[]" (that's left bracket, right bracket) it will insert a checkbox... Still, it's a step backwards from the previous functionality ... and for what purpose??
  2. Thanks DTLow, I've upvoted it in the Mac forum. Does this issue not apply to Windows versions? Looks like it might ("Notebook View Missing?" and "Feature request: change Notebooks Layout back to how it used to be").
  3. Why isn't this feature listed in Evernote Feature Requests? I agree completely that the "grid view" was highly preferable for Notebooks view. At the very least, there should be an option to toggle from "grid view" to "list view".
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