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  1. Totally agree. Any hints on how to change it back in the taskbar tray icons?
  2. Nice workaround. I still think Evernote should have this as native. Is there a Feature Request open about this? If implemented I would not have to use other app (using Wunderlist for that kind of things, like shopping list) only Evernote. Thks JPaz
  3. @AlecFotsch Interesting. I tottaly dismissed Google Keep because Evernote was superior but in that respect it is ahead of Evernote. I even do the procedure 2 manually :-/
  4. Thumbs up on getting back the option for the shortcuts bar to appear top horizontally so that more shortcuts are visible (show as separate toolbar option). Best Regards JPaz
  5. How do we make the editing toolbar appear automatically when editing? Only see Tool-Options-Note check/uncheck Allways show
  6. Also waiting for an android and windows version...
  7. @csihilling Nice. Unfortunately it is not compatible with my (old) android smartphone. About time to update my hardware...
  8. Thks @DTLow seems interesting, pitty it is only available for Mac, at the moment. Thks @csihilling. I had just searched if Wunderlist had that option of clearing checked tasks @Frank.dg First, I already use too much apps. If I can do it with one app why use more? And Evernote is more than a note taking app, having integrated some task management capacities (or you can adapt it to use, for instance, GTD) Second, my gear (smartphone and tablet) is getting old and Workflowy present version is incompatible :-((
  9. It would be interesting. For example for a grocery store list, making the checked itens disappear would help concentrating in the ones we have not bought yet. That is something that Workflowy does.
  10. @adambird When, in a browser (tested Chrome and Firefox) I open the google calendar event created by Cronofy from an Evernote reminder, I don't see the Description field and have to edit the event to view it. In this case the link to the evernote reminder does not appear in the description filed as an hyperlink. Its something like http://in.cronofy.com/ ... but we cannot click it. As I said, it is a google calendar Description field issue. If we paste it into the Where field it creates an hyperlink and if we click it it opens the evernote reminder HOWEVER in Android we can see the description field whitout having to click edit the event and we see the hyperlink and can click it to open the evernote reminder Thank you for the fast feedback, pretty impressed
  11. @GLK56 I've tried and it works. It does create a link to the evernote but it is in the description field and is not transformed into an hyperlink. @adambird Is it possible to enhance this feature? It is a google calendar problem. Does using html solve the prob. like <a href=”URL”> display text</a> When I want a link to an evernote I use the Where field that turns it into an hyperlink in the event Oh, and congratulations on the good work.
  12. thks DTLow. Don't know how that app eluded me. Seems even better with 2way sync btw Evernote and GCal. https://www.cronofy.com/ even connects with Outlook Before that I had tried http://eventnoted.com/ Tried it. Fast creation of event. It has a prob in Google Calendar though (others also have): the link to the evernote with the reminder appears in the event description and it is not transformed into an hyperlink. Unless we use html or the workaround: put the link in the where field and we do get an hyperlink. Is there another way?
  13. Nice niftygeek. I'm using Evernote+Google Calendar (linked by Nozbe to get the Evernote Reminders into Google Calendar) to manage all my tasks and projects - with GTD and SecretWeapon). I also use Onenote to research notes and review of papers (wished there was a way to transfer Evernote tags to Onenote tags) Been messing around with Trello and MeisterTask (very similar but linking to Mindmeister; it is in early development) but still not made the move to use them in personal project management (but they are good in group project management). if there were links for tags maybe that would help me to move.
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