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  1. Frustrated Business user here. This is what I want to do but can't, 1. I want to be able to move “notebooks” from personal to business (not just notes that seems to of been the emphasis over last 2 months) and keep dates created/modified. 2. I want to be able to use the web clipper to put notes into EN Business notebooks (doesn’t seem to work for Business Notebooks) 3. I want to be able to add emails from outlook using the Addin (doesn’t seem to work for Business Notebooks) 4. I want to be able to use ENScript.exe to add notes and notebooks to a business folder. So close to being so good!
  2. Hi Sorry....just don't mind if its a windows or IOS solution.
  3. Searching for a script to create a list of approx 200 notebooks and ~500 tags in EN. Applescript or VBA would do. I've written a vba macro to loop through a directory and email all files to EN (I've even got it to create pdf's of all word files...and the macro will email the pdf and word file together to keep in the one note). Each directory is a client (Estimate 200 directories to loop through) Each subdirectory will be a tag. I have a list of all the notebooks and tags I'm wanting to create in Evernote....just need to get them created. If anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction. Happy to share my VBA code if it helps anyone! Regards Santa!
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