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  1. I'm an IT consultant and relatively new to Evernote. So far I have begun using it for capturing the daily hours, tasks, incidents, and work items for my clients. Now I'm looking for a better way to get that data into an invoice to send to the clients. At current, I'm using my existing spreadsheet invoice templates and going through the ole' copy/paste/reformat/adjust/retype dance. The solution may be easier than I think, and thus I'm putting the question out there. Within my notebooks I do not experience the tables or text formatting copying over correctly between MS Word or Excel. I'm willing to rework my invoice templates as needed to accomodate whatever solution comes to light. I'm currently not subscribed to or using any of the online billing / invoicing environments, but I'm open to doing so if need be. I'm also working on deploying Spiceworks in several of the environments I support and would enjoy seeing something that integrates with it as well. If you have ideas or suggestions, please share. Thanks, David
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