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  1. I just checked the latest version and still see the underline print rendering still does not work properly. I had also used single row/column to create a section separator and it's text also is not centered in cell. This all worked a few years back on the older version of Evernote on my XP 32 bit machines. Hard to believe this still exists. My work around has been to email note to myself and print to PDF from the mail client to put note in version that I can distribute easily that looks decent. Hopefully it will get fixed someday.
  2. I have been through this multiple times with tech support. I had usually taken my notes that I would distribute to others and print to pdf. About the end of 2012 the underline issue showed up (it also has an issue with tables). My work around is to email note to myself and then print from my mail client . I also no longer have a Windows XP machine and this shows up on all my 3 Win7 64 bit machine. To me it appears to be a major issue and I can easily reproduce on multiple machines. Hopefully they resolve this eventually.
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