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  1. I and many others would love for there to be a way to easily create (i.e. copy) a note's internal Evernote link easily and quickly from within the iOS mobile client. This would open up tremendous possibilities to integrate Evernote into a myriad of user workflows. To be clear, I am not talking about the creation of public note links, which are currently possible. I'm referring to internal Evernote links that keep the note private. I would love to hear a response from an Evernote representative regarding this feature. Are there plans to integrate this functionality? Potential plans? No plans whatsoever. ALSO, I realize this topic been discussed before in forums, but most of the posts revolve around backdoor hacks to accomplish this, as opposed to an explicit feature request and a desire for an Evernote representative to respond. The number of requests for this function, the number of attempts to hack this feature (by copying the public url id and mashing it with the standard internal link prefix), and the competition from 3rd party clients who offer this (i.e. Clever) show a pretty intense demand. I'd love to hear thoughts from Evernote. Users, please +1 if you want this function! Thanks Evernote! We love what you do for us!
  2. Thanks for showing the other thread, jefito. Hopefully this bug gets fixed soon!
  3. Thanks, dlu. Any idea when a fix for this might occur? I just noted this problem in another thread, before someone directed me to this one.
  4. I think I have encountered a bug. I want to search within a stack using multiple tags. I click on a stack, and then click on a tag. Immediately, the left panel scroll bar starts flickering up and down. Technically the search worked: I see the appropriate notes come up. However, I can't scroll down in the left panel to view other tags (I can for a moment, but then the scroll bar snaps to the top and starts flickering again). I also cannot select multiple tags (using ctrl click). When I try, nothing changes. I also cannot select a different tag. The flickering just continues. Please note, I CAN perform this type of search in a stack using syntax (e.g. stack:tasks tag:@work tag:project-A) and even save the search, but this is not very useful to me because I often need to move back and forth between different tags inside the same stack very quickly. Clicking is much easier and what I need. I am using Evernote (free, public version) for Win 7 32 bit.
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