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  1. its just realy annoying when I have 64gb card that is barley used and a internal storage that keeps getting maxed out when I enable cashing. ..... I WANT TO HAVE offline access....I use evernote for camping stuff...so I need to have some of the stuff offline....thats the reason im premium.......not exactly worth it. if I cant download to the sd card
  2. i think I just figured it out. I will edit this with information on HOW to do this IF YOU ARE rooted. and want to get a little bit dirty. but what im going to do is create a virtual folder that, to evernote.apk looks like a standard folder on the primary storage. copy the folder "notes" located (this is a GS4 file structure....) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.evernote/files/user-######/ paste the "notes" folder to a folder I created on the (actual) SD card. I chose /storage/extSdCard/.evernote/ using romtoolbox's Root Browser I brows to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.evernote/
  3. if you know a little unix command line. it is possible....if I could find where the data is expected to be. we can use whats called a symlink to add a virtual folder in the internal memory which is actually located on the external sd card. so in fact...IF rooted the statement above is completely false. (possibly not optimal .... yes...but not impossible) as a premium subscriber...i want to have the use of my OFFLINE folders......
  4. .....well....I HAVE rooted my phone...and I would LIKE to know how/where to make a symlink on my sdcard to have all the evernote goodness .... not taking up my entire.......500mb I have left on my phone.... (grrr touchwiz) I cant find where offline notebooks are stored. I dont see anything in data/data/com.evernote . am I looking in the right place
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