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  1. I think when the offer to install v10 was sent, it should have identified those features that were being removed - even if they were going to be restored soon. I don't think that this was made clear - after all, the new look and added features doesn't imply that some basic features would be removed. Also, I have Evernote installed on several windows machines (work, home, laptop) and an android phone. The reason to use Evernote is to have one trusted place for all my "stuff" - don't always succeed, but has been of great benefit when I have been working away to be able to dig out and forwar
  2. I normally use Scansnap to file documents. But there are times when I have to import PDF documents - possibly in bulk (like around this time of the year I try to make sure I have all my bank statements and other records for the tax year up to date). So now instead of saving a PDF into a folder, then opening it in Evernote to tag it and set the creation date, I have wasted 10 minutes (updating Evernote, trying to find a workaround, extra steps to refile from a temporary notebook it created, then locate the note again because I didn't tag first..) BTW - I do like some of the new featu
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