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  1. Hi David, Thanks for your response. Yes, I definitely won't try it with my active account because I like having everything available offline. I think I'll just wait until Bitcasa allows folders to be manually marked for constant offline availability (supposedly it's a planned feature) before I would do that. If I get a chance to test it on a test account I'll post my experiences here. Rick
  2. Has anyone tried using the Bitcasa I: drive as the location for the Evernote database? Good, bad or ugly? Thanks, Rick
  3. Thanks for the responses. I did roll back one version but the problem continued. It was happening every 10 minutes or so, so restarting wasn't a realistic option. The syncing was getting out of whack, too so I was getting conflicting note versions. I moved the database to a different drive and so far (after about 90 minutes...knock on wood) the problem has not re-occurred. The previous drive was a virtual, encrypted BoxCryptor drive and I suspected maybe the encrypted drive was perhaps intermittent. Who knows...so far the fix is working. Let's see what happens over the next couple hours.
  4. Hi all, I could imagine that this question has come up before but I couldn't find anything in my archive search. I recently upgraded to EN for Windows version (268368) and since then at seemingly random times my folder and tag names are replaced by numbers. I've attached a screenshot. This has been escalated by EN support to the second level but I need a quick fix because I will be on a business trip and use EN offline for my meeting notes (not to mention as a repository of customer history, etc.!) so the web version isn't an option. I would like to roll back to the previous version of EN but can't find how to do that. I'm hoping that maybe that'll solve my problem before I travel tomorrow morning. Can anyone help me with that? I'm a Premium customer if that makes any difference, but I doubt it would. Thanks! Rick
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