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  1. Sorry, but IMO & IME, If you're losing data that often it's most likely user error. Additionally, if you're using multiple devices/computers/clients, it's very easy to lose data if you don't sync changes up/down before trying to modify a note.http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/20092-not-very-happy-right-now/?p=101095 Well, you got it right when you say: "often it's most likely". Indeed, this is not one of those cases. BTW the post you are referring to is followed by someone who seems to have had the exact same experience as I had twice. Except I wasn't using an iPad, but two different computers. I only edit on a computer and use my iPhone on the road for reference. But to assure you, this time it was not a user error. EN's syncing has proven to fail on occasions. Search the web, I'm not the only one. And claiming they're all "most likely" user error is a bit of the truth. Anyway, thank you for effort, I addressed this in an EN support ticket, it's their call to listen and act appropriate.
  2. Well, your experience is a lot better, which is good. But as a minor user, I'd expect that the few times a month I use it, I'd expect it to at least not loose data, twice. Which is in a percentage a lot worse, compared to your mileage. If my car worked like your experience with EN, I'd stick with it. If my car worked like my experience with EN's data loss occurrences, I'd trade it in. I must admit I haven't found a car that can do the same that EN can, on this many platform's. It's like choosing between walking or driving 6 miles/9 kilometers a few days in the month. This is just my experience and this opinion.
  3. Well, I got my data back after Evernote upgraded my account to premium for a week. So thank you for that. Still, I'm anxious in using Evernote again, because I don't see the need to upgrade to a premium account with the way I'm using Evernote. Therefore I do not want to end up in the situation where I can loose content and just for the sake of retrieving the previous version in 5 minutes having to upgrade and pay for that each month. I might just end up paying for what I don't need if data would not get lost. But it does. If you already are a premium member because you do see the need for it, that's fine and you probably won't hesitate as much as I do in using Evernote again after your second data loss, because you can almost instantly retrieve the last version. I don't want to wait a week on when I need it now. Perhaps Evernote should rethink their strategy and include a "3 times per month" retrieval possibility for lost data if you're not a premium user. I'm using Evernote on a weekly/montly basis, but I do use it regularly, not with that much bandwidth I need to upgrade. But having the option of retrieving the previous version like this would make me feel safer in using Evernote again. Why offer a free service (sponsored with ads) and let a few unlucky users spoil you're good intentions by not offering a small change in strategy?
  4. I hope this is not the way Evernote's business model is used to generate income besides adds in the free version... Think about it: you let users start for free, with limited bandwith and adds. Let them fill their Evernote account with a decent amount of notes. After a while, when the user has grown accustomed to using Evernote on a regular basis, choose a note that has quite some text in it and has accumulated that contents over a longer period of time (maybe that note is important somehow?). A few days after the last edit, delete it's contents so users get desperate to get their content back: we (Evernote) offer a great service for that: Premium membership! You only need to pay a few bucks but then you get your content back. I'm sorry, but that does not sound like a trustworthy company to me. And yes, I might sound a bit suspicious but this is what I see, from my point of view. And yes, I have on one Mac Time Machine and on the other Crashplan, but neither was able to restore the latest additions from 7 days ago. So when a conflict might occur during a sync from Evernote, just delete all local cache and then sync those deletions back to the Evernote cloud. One fine way of luring free users into a paid subscription.
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