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  1. I'm a big fan of the web beta. I must not be a power user, so the clean, uncluttered look is welcomed.


    I skimmed through these posts and didn't see this mentioned... 


    Would be nice if you "Remove Formatting" from highlighted text in a note. I find that with the Web Beta it is hard to make text that I copy/paste into the note look consistent. Even if I use the formatting bar to set the same font, size, and style, the text looks different. Thinking of the Gmail "Remove Formatting" feature.


    Also, if you select text and then click the font or size on the formatting bar, it does not show you which font or size is currently selected (all items are white with no indication of which is applied).

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  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Chris.

    Someone also pointed out to me that "- You don't really own any thing in your Business Notebooks (if you leave the company, you lose access)" is only one side of the coin. The other way to look at it is that the business does not lose access to the data if you leave. This view is just, if not more, correct.

    If I move to a new department in my big company and I don't want to share notebooks with my old team anymore, that will be ok, because the business notebooks stay with them. If I were a premium user, then I would have to keep sharing those notebooks out indefinitely or my team would lose access to the data.

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  3. I have been using Evernote Business for a few days now with my small team inside a large company.

    So far, my understanding is that the main differences with ENB vs Premium are:

    - You get the related notes preview when making new notes

    - Billing is centralized

    - You get the benefit of the Business Library which makes sharing really easy

    - You don't really own any thing in your Business Notebooks (if you leave the company, you lose access)

    If you were a group of Premium users that decided to use Evernote for work, the differences would be: you lose the related notes preview, you don't get the Business Library... but you get to keep the data forever.

    Based on that, I can see why a business owner or IT admin would clearly want anyone using ENB instead of personal accounts, but as a group of employees using Evernote for work I'm wondering if it is worth the extra cost, centralized billing, and admin responsibilities being centralized, rather than spread across each users with their Premium accounts.

    I really like ENB so far, just wondering what others are thinking, who aren't business owners or IT admins within a large company.

  4. We just got started with EB in our small team of 4 people, but the company I work for has 6k employees... this is making me scratch my head about many things. I'll post about those later.

    Main question for now is, how can the Admin unpublish Business Notebooks from the Business Library if another user published it?

    The reason is that my small team thought it was a good idea to publish things that our whole team would like access to. Sounds great until you start thinking about another 100 people from my company getting on board one day with completely unrelated roles and now having access to possibly sensitive information.

    Long story short, I don't want to start using the Business Library now, if one day we have to go back and unpublish all of the Notebooks that only our small team should have access to.

    Can the admin do this or do we just need to ping people and train them when they publish something?

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