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  1. the issue is that I can't do more than one screen at a time - which is the point of skitch!
  2. Hey Evernote, any updates or plans to fix this bug? I can't drag thumbnails into anything, they don't drag at all anymore. This is rendering my favorite app I use every day unusable. Please please help!!
  3. Please add basic calculation to tables! thanks so much
  4. hi team - I can't drag thumbnails from the thumbnail overview screen anymore using Catalina. I can only drag one image at a time from the full screen view. It renders Skitch pretty much unusable. Is there any solve for this or plans to update?
  5. VOTE!!!! @EverNote what is happening here? I don't understand why you haven't responded to these requests?
  6. Hey Evernote, it's been a year since I posted this. Any luck??
  7. I would love to be able to copy a text style and paste a text style as you can do in google and keynote etc. alt + command + C for example and alt + command + v. It's great to be able to paste text in with the same style but to not be able to copy and paste text style in a doc without copying the text is a real bummer. integrating this shortcut would save us so much time! thank you!
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