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  1. I would love to be able to copy a text style and paste a text style as you can do in google and keynote etc. alt + command + C for example and alt + command + v. It's great to be able to paste text in with the same style but to not be able to copy and paste text style in a doc without copying the text is a real bummer. integrating this shortcut would save us so much time! thank you!
  2. Megsaint thank you so much! I will stop whining now! haha I really appreciate it. THe old version works fine and now I'm happy again. You rock!
  3. I totally agree and just posted about this. It doesn't drag on to illustrator/psd windows as i was able to before and this version is clunky and tough to use! I used to be able to go to my history and select a handfull of images and drag them right into my email. In fact i haven't updated skitch on my desktop and it works fine with chrome and the new gmail, I'm so bummed I updated on my laptop because the new version can't do any of this! What happened to the old program??
  4. Since I've updated my skitch recently and it opened as the new Evernote purchased product I am so bummed out. All of my favorite simple functionalities are gone: Can't drag into illustrator or psd docs as you could before can't drag into gmail as before doesn't snap shots quickly and save in skitch program on computer (you MUST sync with evernote) you can't simple hit (command + S) and have the thing save and then go to your history without having to sync to evernote. what a pain if you dont have internet! and i dont want an evernote account sync every freaking save! I purchased skitch in between it being free and then paid for and have had the program since it began. This is so sad that it is working like this and that you must purchase evernote space to use it. As far as im concerned if it isn't made so that you can save images in the history and drag into docs etc as before, then I will move on and use another program. Why were these decisions made? Please respond! longtime paying skitch user -Dersu
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