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  1. For whatever it's worth, I just want you, Evernote, to know that I profoundly hate the Windows desktop flat design. Especially scrollbars are disastrous. Awful across the board. Darn, it's not because a big OS company I won't name changed their design for that disastrous thing that you have to do the same. This would have been a good time for Evernote NOT to follow the pack and keep your better previous UI interface. Version 5 makes me miss the good old days of Version 1. I am responsible for deploying Evernote throughout my company and having our employees adopt Evernote, and now, with this ugly monster, you just have made my job a lot harder.
  2. MindManager from Mindjet. It has served me very well for a decade. I've been using it in conjunction with Evernote since I've adopted Evernote. I have also subscribed to Mindjet's Catalyst, which is their cloud service for storing mindmaps in the cloud. I can link maps--and even objects in maps--to Evernote notes and vice versa.
  3. With Sponsored Groups, I am the administrator. I deactivated a member from my group. After clicking on "Deactivate", The Manage Membership screen says "Deactivation Pending". Why is it pending? I deactivate a member because I need that seat for someone else. I expect deactivation to be immediate. Why delays? Thanks.
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