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  1. Ahah, thanks but it was not really a strike of genius. Anki UI is weird at first, still, I never found a free alternative as rich in features and plugins as this one. So, if you are serious about learning with spaced repetition, this may be a good software in which you can invest your time.
  2. Hello iShiBin, I can't really speak for this fork as they took a different path to get what I call "notes informations". However, you could try to go to the source code (available in your addons directory), and add tags = [] after the line 411 of Evernote2AnkiMac.py def get_note_information(self, note_guid): tags = [] # add this whole_note = next((l for l in USE_APPLESCRIPT['notes'] if l['guid'] == note_guid), None) Tell me if it works.
  3. Hello, I am the main developper of evernote2anki and reached this discussion by chance (I was googling for other things related to spaced repetion). The project has been improved and renamed as anknotes. The repository for the anki plugin is here : https://github.com/brumar/anknotes . To get it work you just have to put the files in your anki addons folder and add your settings by reaching a submenu that has been created within anki. If you are a Mac user, you should look at this nice fork : https://github.com/rbuc/Evernote2AnkiMac PS : I did not re-tested the plugin recently
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