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  1. Hi, I really think the business card scanner introduced to the iOS app will become a very valuable too to me, but it just isn't usable in its current form. Most business cards now a days have information on both sides of the card. Especially if you are outside of the US. In Asia, people will have English information on one side and Chinese/Japanese etc on the other. Restaurants and stores will have a map on the back side, to their location. I want to be able to at least store this as a picture when I scan a card! As it is now I cannot use it because I will have to use some other system for most of my business cards, which is a shame because I would love to only have to use the Evernote app. And it is a shame because it would only take adding the ability to at least scan and store the backside into the note. I cant even manually add a photo to a contact note. Also, it would be great if I could manually choose to add a contact to my phone's contact list. I don't want to either have to add ALL contacts I scan, or none. Thanks!
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