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  1. I haven't tried the new beta, because I gave up on Evernote after literally years of false promises that this was "very important to the team." Functional bullets should be a core feature of a note-taking program-- not a 3rd rate feature that gets ignored. It's not like you need some exotic repro environment to decide if the issue is any better. Here's the test: try any non-trivial use case with bullets. Try cutting and pasting to re-order and change the indentation level of a couple of sub-bullets. Does the list self-destruct with weird line breaks and spacing that can't be deleted? Welcome to Evernote.
  2. Agggg. So much potential. I'd got me and my wife onto Evernote. I had her buy a premium account so we could share her notebooks. I was starting to fall for Evernote as a new core app. And then I realized that all the bugs and pain around bullets aren't just user error. In fact they have no easy workaround. Cut and paste is hopeless. Deleting the awkward spaces is hopeless. Is there an ETA for getting this fixed? If not I'm going to take the advice to switch to Workflowy.
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