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  1. Hi C6REW, Thank you for your advice. I just raised a support ticket. If I receive any helpful solution, it would be shared here. All the best Aragorn
  2. I had another crash today. Just opening the option window didn't help, but opening it and changing the location of the local files helped.
  3. Evernote for windows had worked pretty well on my Win7 desktop, until I updated to Evernote_4.6.1.7860 about a week ago. Since then, whenever I opened the Evernote window, it crashed. I tried downgrading it, virus scanning, system cleaning, none of them worked. Its icon in the notification area was laughing at me all the time, no matter how long or how seriously I begged it to work. I left-clicked it, the window appeared and then immediately crashed. I right-clicked it and then selected 'New Note', the window appeared and crashed again. I was desperate. Like every Evernote user, I need it to live my life! I wouldn't have enough free time to reinstall the whole system, so I tried the webpage version. It's not bad, but surely not as convenient as the local application. I went back to the mean icon, and this time, I was gonna be violent. So I give it two choices: to work, or to be tortured. It's mean, but tough. So I tortured it. I clicked it so many times, I even tried simultaneously left and right clicking, the worst torture I could imagine. Of course, it's really tough, and none of them worked. At that magic moment, I accidentally opened its option window. (Right-click -> Options -> Configure Hot Keys..., I have no idea how I could do such complicated actions during torturing it.) As you may know, the main window is the background of the option window. This time, it didn't crash! I changed the location of Evernote local files from C:\somewhere to D:\somewhere, clicked OK, the main window still works. Hallelujah! I'm not sure whether it's necessary to change the location of local files, and even not sure whether opening the option window or torturing the icon did the magic. Maybe, just maybe, opening the option window (and changing the location of the local files) could help you solve the crash problem in Windows 7.
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