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  1. Good day: While I'm not sure what caused the problem (bug?) but it turned out that while I had the tags set up on Evernote in Windows, for whatever reason absolutely none of the tags synced to Evernote on the web, my iphone, or my ipad. Deleting the tags from the notes themselves, re-adding them, and syncing was not fixing the problem; i.e. Evernote on the web, or my iOS devices wasn't picking up the tags even when deleted and adding back to the notes. I ended up deleting the tags themselves, recreating the tags, and re-adding them to the notes to get the tags to eventually sync from Windo
  2. Good day: The following search works in Evernote for Windows, but not on my iPad or iPhone (aka iOS Device): any: tag:"N144 Topic 1" tag:"N144 Topic 2" If Evernote is supposed to work across operating systems, why will the above search only work in Windows? Is there a search I can use that will give me a list of notes that have ONE tag OR the other tag (I need boolean OR vs. AND) that will work no matter the OS? IF yes, please advise how I can do it. Thank you.
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