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  1. "Christian, what is the most expeditious method to combine nodes within the mohiomap? I am brand new to your app and a relative beginner with EN. I would like to organize the data I have captured before plunging further into info overload. Any hints? Thanks Andy" Hi Andy, I am not quite sure what you mean by 'combining nodes'? Do you generally mean the connections shown in Mohiomap? I would say Mohiomap is currently optimized for using a "reasonable" amount of tags for categorising notes - that is, if you use tags for your notes you get a great overview within Mohiomap (in the notebook view). There are different ways of using the app, though, and even when not using any tags you will get a good overview (we group notes by date in that case). Not letting you notebooks grow too large might be another good guideline - i.e. breaking them up into seperate notebooks and stacks is another high-level way of structuring notes, and this will be visible via Mohiomap as well. Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions ========= "Mohiomap is exactly the kind of mindmapping software I have been looking for! It is wonderful for organizing my notebooks in Evernote, but I would love to be able to use it to brainstorm and plan out my writing projects. I use Windows and have tried several different types of mindmapping software, but I keep running into the same problem; either it's not compatible with Evernote or it doesn't work for my needs. There seems to be a lot of great products out there for Mac users, but not so many for Windows. ... So I would definitely like to cast my vote for new Mohiomap features that would allow for regular mindmapping in Evernote! ConceptMind looks like the only other option available for Windows at the moment, but I'd rather hold out if possible because Mohiomap would be perfect with those upgrades. Thank you for the fantastic product!" Hi Shannon, Thanks a lot for your kind words! Regarding your feature suggestion, this is actually a much demanded feature and we are working on editing functionality. Our tagging feature is a first step into that direction (see https://moh.io/mohiomap-blog/new-actionable-feature-tagging/), more to come! Thanks, Christian
  2. Hi Nikolaj, There are a few mindmapping tools which integrate with Evernote, have you tried any of these? - ConceptDraw http://trunk.evernote.com/app/conceptdraw-mindmap/mac (this one is available for Mac and seems to be doing what you described) - Mindjet http://trunk.evernote.com/app/mindjet/web-apps Also have a look at our Mohiomap (http://trunk.evernote.com/app/mohiomap/web-apps) - while it's not a mindmapping application, we are working on features which allow to edit similar to mindmaps.. Regards, Christian
  3. Thanks a lot for the great review, David! If you have any particular suggestions about new features that would make Mohiomap more useful for you, let me know - or use the Feedback option right inside the app to get in touch with us. Are there any specific use-cases in the education sector that you could think of? Thanks, Christian
  4. Thanks for the feedback, David! I'd be very interested in any further comments once you tested it a bit more - let me know Christian
  5. We have just launched our "Mohiomap" web application - A Visual Memory for Evernote - available at https://www.moh.io/mohiomap/ Mohiomap allows you to visualize and navigate your Evernote notebooks, and experience your notes in a whole new light! The application is available for free. After signing up for a Mohiomap account, you can securely connect to you Evernote account and start exploring. Some more information also at https://moh.io/mohiomap-blog/mohiomap-public-beta-launch/ We are committed to ongoing improvements and development of new features. At this stage we are most interested in feedback from beta testers regarding the functionality and stability of the application. Once you are logged into the application you can contact us using the "Feedback" button. (Mohiomap is an update to our "Mohionote" app that we had in last years DevCup: http://2012.devcup.evernote.com/submissions/8695-mohionote) Please get in touch for any questions, comments, or feedback - we would love to hear from you! Thanks! Christian Hirsch http://www.moh.io
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