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  1. Hi, I'm brand new to Evernote - just started today. I have it running on Google Chrome under Ubuntu. I'm having difficulty clipping a Google Maps page. I have been able to clip a web page with an image (a map) without problems: http://www.londontow...f_Justice/a7cb/ When I right-click on the page or the map and select "Evernote Web Clipper"->"Clip this page", it stores a link to the web page, so that when I open the note it displays the page. If I try the same with page: https://maps.google....mra=ls&t=m&z=16 The link in the note gets set just the same, to this URL, but when I open the note, the page is not displayed - the note is just blank. It's just the same if I edit the note and substitute the Google maps "short URL". Of course, I can click the link and open the page, but that's not quite the desired behaviour. Also, I have loaded the Evernote app in my Blackberry, and when I open the first of these notes - the one that works in Chrome - the map just isn't displayed. The rest of the page is there, but not the map. I thought it might just be taking it's time over the 3G link, but it's been about half an hour now and nothing appears. Any clues?
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