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  1. This is so so so necessary. I can't believe that Evernote, that I pay premium service for for years, has such unintuitive, clutter-y choices in this latest update. PLEASE GIVE US THE ABILITY TO TURN OFF THE ELEPHANT ICON IN MENU BAR! I'm looking into Bartender but it's LUDICROUS to have to purchase a new application to switch off an icon of an app we pay premium membership to. The fact there is NO WAY TO SET PREFERENCES in this latest update is maddening.
  2. @ibrown It works!!! Finally it works!!! Thank you for sharing this.
  3. Just want to second this -- really wish this was an option.
  4. @coachbrad Thanks for this suggestion, it had also never occurred to me but is a great fix! Obviously being able to do exact-phrase searching within desktop Mac Evernote would be the dream, but this is so helpful in the meantime.
  5. Hi both, thanks for the replies. @gazumped, I'm mostly a writer, so i was looking for some note where i used the phrase "in the bank" (i think it says "20,000 dollars in the bank" or "confidence in the bank" or something, I'm not completely sure *when* i wrote it or what *other* weird fragmented phrases/topics are in that note -- of course if i did, i would have a much easier time finding it. But I figured, if it's a specific string of 3 consecutive words, the least Evernote can do is bring up all notes that have that specific string of 3 consecutive words... And instead, it just brings
  6. Recently I was trying to search for some exact phrases somewhere in my 8000 notes -- a phrase that starts with general words is fine (i can find notes that have the phrase "object oriented" by just searching "object oriented"), but if the phrase starts with a preposition, like, "in the bank", or "the bank", it totally fails. Any tips for full-text searching for phrases that have prepositions? Best, Samantha Have looked at these threads and seems there's nothing, but maybe a new fix was created?
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