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  1. @ibrown It works!!! Finally it works!!! Thank you for sharing this.
  2. Just want to second this -- really wish this was an option.
  3. @coachbrad Thanks for this suggestion, it had also never occurred to me but is a great fix! Obviously being able to do exact-phrase searching within desktop Mac Evernote would be the dream, but this is so helpful in the meantime.
  4. Hi both, thanks for the replies. @gazumped, I'm mostly a writer, so i was looking for some note where i used the phrase "in the bank" (i think it says "20,000 dollars in the bank" or "confidence in the bank" or something, I'm not completely sure *when* i wrote it or what *other* weird fragmented phrases/topics are in that note -- of course if i did, i would have a much easier time finding it. But I figured, if it's a specific string of 3 consecutive words, the least Evernote can do is bring up all notes that have that specific string of 3 consecutive words... And instead, it just brings up 353 notes -- upon further investigation though, those 353 notes don't all have the consecutive string "in the bank", they do all have the phrase "the bank" --- but of course, i'm looking for something more specific. @csihilling I'm using Mac desktop (10.10.5)
  5. Recently I was trying to search for some exact phrases somewhere in my 8000 notes -- a phrase that starts with general words is fine (i can find notes that have the phrase "object oriented" by just searching "object oriented"), but if the phrase starts with a preposition, like, "in the bank", or "the bank", it totally fails. Any tips for full-text searching for phrases that have prepositions? Best, Samantha Have looked at these threads and seems there's nothing, but maybe a new fix was created?
  6. Just to add my voice to the chorus of those BEGGING for the Horizontal List View to be added back... I've been a Premium user and huge Evernote fan for years, I basically live inside it all day long for research/writing/project planning and this forced switch to Vertical List View has COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY wrecked my workflow and productivity. I don't care about reminders one way or the other, but if the Horizontal List View is not added back, I will be forced to consider canceling my Premium membership and checking out other products - which I really don't want to do! So disappointing, Evernote. In the meantime I guess I'm going to try to downgrade to 5.0.7, but please please please add it back to the next/future versions...
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