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  1. Follow-up....heard back from Customer Support and after sending my activity log, they had me delete a note that was having issues synching. Still had issues so I took the same course of action by myself with a few more notes tonight, emptied my trash everywhere, and un-installed Evernote on the Surface. Finally after re-installing and synching, I am able to create a new note on the Surface and it actually shows up on my other devices/on the web. Wasn't very intuitive with this app on how to fix the problem but it's fixed.
  2. Is the note in a local (non-sync'd) notebook? Nope, it's in a synch'd notebook. Thanks for the responses and trying to help
  3. I create new notes on my Surface tablet but when I sync, that note does not show up on Evernote anywhere else (iPhone, computer, web). However, I am able to download notes that I created and synced from any other device onto my Surface. Is this a limitation or am I doing something wrong?
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