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  1. Hi all, thanks for your welcomes, and coments. Just in case anyone is thinking 'well if you don't like it don't use it' I actually love Evernote, it has completely changed the way I organise my stuff, and I could now not image being without it. It is because it is so useful, and because it is now so integrated into my life, that the lack of this feature, is so frustrating. It has made me look elsewhere, but so far I havn't found any real completitors that offer the sync between phone and computer. Of course you are totally right, any opinions as a user are pure guess work, but having worked at some software development companies, I know how relatively simple features/problems can go unchanged release after release, for many reasons other than difficulty with actually implementing the code. I simply cannot believe that from the programming side implementing this on the desktop version can be that difficult, I mean, if they can have one level of nested notebooks, why not two? However I think your point about the other platforms is spot on. Maybe the problem is how would you design this for the interface of the iPhone/Android version? I can see that creating a GUI where the user is able to expand out notebooks ad infinitum could be a problem on a limited phone screen. In fact it seems that nested tags are not supported on the phone app (all the tags display in a list, not a hierarchy) so this may be the case. Thanks for response Benj, I'm a lecturer, I teach 3 modules per semester, each module has 12 classes. Currently I have a notebook for each class, a notebook stack for each module, but then I like to group them by year, so I've run out of nested levels. My workaround is to include the year into the name of the stack, which is fine, but I now have about 30 (and growing) stacks listed down the side, which is rather clutered. Maybe it's a small grumble but it's not that small if you consider that one of the main points of using evernote is organisation. I could use nested tags, but then I would have to include at least 3 tags per note.
  2. I came to this forum looking for a way to nest notebooks (to more than one level). I see that lots of people have already requested this, and the consensus amongst the advanced users is that everyone should learn to use tags. So I've tried using tagging for the past month and I just don't believe that tags are the most streamlined way for me to organise my stuff. Most importantly I want to have a visual map of where my things are. This is much easier by organising my notes into notebooks. Similarly tagging means that I need to spend time actually writing the tag, ok this only takes a few seconds, but still the whole point of evernote is that it allows you to get your thoughts down quickly without the software getting in the way. It seems strange that if so many people ask for a feature they are told they are using the software in the wrong way. When we studied design at school we were told that the product should be made to fit the user, not the other way around. Why should new users have to learn to use the software the 'correct' way, a way that may not be so intuitive to their workflow. Sure, tags allow you to have tags in multiple categories, but to be honest I don't think its really time effective to put more than one tag per note anyway. I suppose my major grip is that it just doesn't seem that it would be that hard to implement, and for me, and I'm sure lots of other users, it is a major design flaw with this software. Please evernote can you sort this out!
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